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To keep emergencies at bay, Safety Piggee can come to your facility and conduct a Gap Analysis to determine OSHA and EPA compliance and the associated safety needs, help with the creation of safety, health and environmental plans and design site specific solutions for meeting OSHA and EPA compliance and best practice issues. Once these actions are taken, Safety Piggee will be on hand to help you maintain your safety, health and environmental compliance.

Safety, Health & Environmental Compliance Services

Safety Piggee wants your place of business to be safer. After all, it is a better to err on the side of caution than deal with the aftermath of disaster!

Step 1: Conducting Gap Analysis

Despite the best preparation, it is always possible to overlook an OSHA or EPA compliance requirement. When you have Safety Piggee come to your facility, we will take time to look over your facility, observe how you get daily task accomplished and note any areas that need to be improved or changed to meet requirements. This Gap Analysis will provide the foundation from which to bolster your safety, health and environmental management systems, improve record keeping and begin the next step of the process.

Step 2: Creating Safety, Health and Environmental Plans

Safety Piggee does not just point out the problems at your facility and leave. Rather, we will work with you to design plans, policies and procedures that will help you move beyond mere compliance, so that risk of injury or illness due to workplace incidents is dramatically decreased. Safety Piggee has a vast amount experience, having helped other companies lower their incident rate significantly due to policies, procedures and safety training designed for a company’s unique industry needs and facility.

Step 3: Designing Site Specific Solutions for Compliance and Best Practice Issues

Safety Piggee wants you to succeed, not just in your industry, but by going above and beyond OSHA and EPA requirements. So no matter what field your company is involved in, Safety Piggee will determine the specific solutions needed to be implemented in order to meet the needs of both your industry and the OSHA/EPA safety standards.

As we determine the best practices for your site, we will assess how you are currently responding to those needs and determine solutions that will make you more effective and efficient. We accomplish this through a variety of methods. Some of these include studying your approach to emergencies (preparation and response); noting how your product affects the environment both inside and outside of your facility; testing the air and water quality of your facility; noting OSHA and EPA compliance; observing and facilitating team training; providing environmental training; and, safety measures training.

Industry Solutions

Safety Piggee offers safety and health solutions and training for the following industries, as well as others not listed here:

  • Chemical plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pulp and Paper industries
  • Laboratories
  • Behavioral health facilities
  • HAZMAT services
  • Office environments
  • Dental facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Food services
  • Construction companies
  • Environmental services

To learn more about the complete list of industries that Safety Piggee can help, contact us today.

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