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Safety Piggee is here to help you succeed. We will do this by spending time helping you to improve your business processes so that your employees are safer, your procedures more effective and efficient and your impact on the environment as minimal as possible. And in working with you, we are then able to reach the generation of today and tomorrow.

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It is Safety Piggee’s strong belief that proper safety procedures, like most behaviors, are better taught early in life. It is because of this conviction that Safety Piggee will offer free safety classes for a school or non-profit organization of your choice when you sign a Safety Piggee contract.

Safety Piggee’s goal is to provide you with the tools and training you need to be the best in your industry. By providing training seminars in a long list of programs; creating company specific safety videos and visually documenting site specific training and procedures, applying industrial hygiene solutions and determining safety, health and environmental compliance as it is applicable to your specific industry, Safety Piggee is here to take your company into the future.

With Safety Piggee at your side, you will know that every facet of your daily operations will not just meet EPA and OSHA standards, but that the processes and procedures will be accomplished in the most effective, efficient manner possible. We will also be there to show you how to develop procedures and practices that will minimize on the job injuries.

When it comes to keeping your business safe, efficient and exceeding the minimum compliance standards of the EPA and OSHA, Safety Piggee is the place to call. From videos and training to procedure assessment and solutions, Safety Piggee Team can do it all. Contact Rhonda today.


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