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Does your facility have specific procedures and policies that are unique to your industry of location? Safety Piggee recognizes this and is here to help you train current and future employees. Our custom safety videos can be shot onsite, so that you have an easy and effective way to educate others.

At Safety Piggee, we know that every company is unique with specific safety training needs and objectives. Custom training programs help you reach your goals efficiently by featuring only your facility, your procedures, and your people.

Safety Piggee has developed a custom video production process that allows you to visually document your safety protocols more easily than ever before. Imagine a site-specific safety orientation designed for new hires, an up-to-date subcontractor program, or a detailed emergency action plan designed just for your facility. These types of custom programs blend corporate identity with important safety information, confirming your company’s commitment to employee safety.

Training new hires on all of your complicated processes can be difficult and exhaustive. However, they are legally required to be trained, so what is the solution? Safety Piggee diligently works with you to craft in-depth training videos that can standardize your specific processes and ensure consistency in the training your new employees receive.

We come onsite and film with you to ensure that training becomes easier and faster than ever. You can check out a few examples below.

Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Plant Safety

PPE Safety

Power Tool Safety

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