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Industry is vital. In fact, it is critical to our economic success. However, with industry comes a long lists of hazards that must be addressed – and often. Safety Piggee specializes in helping industries anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control factors within the work environment that could contribute to or cause employee illness or impairment. This is referred to as the art and science of Industrial Hygiene Solutions.

Industrial Hygiene Services

At Safety Piggee, we can help identify and help you prevent more than a dozen of Industrial Hygiene concerns.

  • Baseline Exposure Assessment – A baseline assessment is an important part of insuring you are doing all you can to keep everyone safe. A Safety Piggee baseline exposure assessment will identify any current and potential future risks to human health and the environment as well develop a plan of action to correct any concerns. We do this through hazard identification, toxicity assessment, risk characterization and an uncertainty analysis. We can then combine the knowledge gained from a Baseline Exposure Assessment to show you what needs to be changed.


  • Indoor Air Quality Survey – To have a productive location, you need healthy people. But, if your facilities are not clean then it will affect the health and comfort of your employees. The Safety Piggee Indoor Air Quality Survey can test for gases, particulates, microbial contaminants such as molds and bacteria, and any mass or energy stressor that can cause health problems.


  • Job Safety Assessments – You want everyone to be safe, as well as efficient and effective. Safety Piggee will observe your daily processes then help you create an injury-free work area.


  • Asbestos Services – The Safety Piggee Asbestos Services will bring turnkey solutions for industries where quantities of dust are common. It is most common in facilities where floor tiles, building materials, steam line pipe insulation and vehicle brake and clutches are used or produced. Fortunately, there are a variety of preventative measures Safety Piggee can help you implement to protect your employees and the environment.


  • Personal Protective Equipment Selection and Use – Twenty-five states have OSHA approved State Plans that must be at least as effective as those of OSHA (the others have chosen to adopt the OSHA standards as their own). Regardless of your plan State or Federal proper PPE must be utilized. Safety Piggee can assess your facility to determine if the PPE you have selected meets the necessary requirements and help you meet those standards, if you are lacking.


  • Noise Detection and Abatement – This is not needed in every industry. However, if your facility creates sound that is above 85dB, then Safety Piggee noise detection monitoring will help you take steps to protect those who work for you. Ideally, your facility should be monitored once every year or two.


  • Global Harmonization System (GHS) Compliance and Consultation – OSHA has high standards for insuring safety data sheets and labels contain specific information for the classification of health, physical and environmental hazardous. Safety Piggee can visit your facility and inspect your labels and other items that must meet GHS standards and help you be certain that everything is labeled properly.

The Safety Piggee Team has much experience in working with a variety of industries and helping them make procedural changes that keep their employees, and the world around them, safe. The Safety Piggee Team has created and implemented, industrial hygiene solutions that have been proven effective and safe time and time again.

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