December 2019

Safety Tip: December

Do you need a last-minute gift idea for family or friends? Give a gift of safety that just might save their life.

Here are some gift ideas:

• Smoke detectors and batteries
• A quality fire extinguisher
• A flashlight and batteries or light sticks
• A first-aid kit
• An automobile safety kit including jumper cables, flares, fix-a-flat, reflectors
• A carbon monoxide detector
• A mobile phone
• A second floor escape ladder
• An “Emergency kit”- energy bars, water, battery radio, flashlight/light sticks and a first-aid kit packed in a small travel bag
• A kinetic flashlight that does not need batteries
• A weather alert radio
• A radio that runs by cranking rather than batteries
• A talking smoke detector
• A bicycle helmet
• A GFCI extension cord

We do not think about many of these items until we NEED them or it is too late.  Give the gift of safety this holiday season. 


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