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Too Much Heat – What Symptoms?

You don’t have to work in the desert to suffer from too much heat on the job. Even in a moderate climate, many operations on construction sites are hot and uncomfortable. But discomfort isn’t the only problem. If you don’t take the proper precautions, heat can give you a rash, make you pass out, or even kill you. Sometimes you reach your limit, and you just have to know that it’s time to stop.

What signs and symptoms might you notice if your body is too hot?

— You may notice that you are tired and less mentally alert. This increases the danger of accidents.

— You may sweat. The body produces sweat so the evaporation will cool you. Sweating isn’t as effective if the air is very humid, because not as much sweat evaporates.

Heat rash is possible. You get it when your sweat glands swell and get plugged up.

— You can get sunburn if you’re in direct sunlight too long without using a sunscreen product on your skin. Sunburn can be painful and may even lead to skin cancer.

Heat Related Illnesses

Heat stress can occur is If you don’t pay attention to the early symptoms and get out of the heat.

Some possible symptoms are:

— heat cramps.

— muscle pain or muscle spasms.

Heat exhaustion can follow. Your whole body (especially your circulatory system) is extremely stressed.

Some possible symptoms are:

— Pale, flushed face and neck.

— Shortness of breath.

— Clammy skin.

Headache, dizziness or fainting.

— Heavy sweating.

— Nausea and vomiting.

— Fatigue.

— Rapid heartbeat and breathing.

Heat stroke is the most serious stage of heat stress. Your body temperature shoots up.

Some possible symptoms are:

— Dizziness and confusion.

— Rapid pulse.

— Red, hot, dry skin.

— High body temperature (around 105° F).

— Nausea and vomiting.

— Convulsions.

— Very little sweating.

— Fainting.

— Death


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