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Our Safety Tips offer practical advice and tools for home, work and on the road, so that you can prepare yourself, your family and your coworkers for life’s hazards. They will help you, your family and your friends be more proactive regarding your personal safety.

Enjoy the complimentary Safety Tips below! If you would like a member of the Safety Piggee Team to facilitate a ToolBox Talk for your workgroup, school or organizations contact us today!

Monthly Safety Tip: 

Holiday Safety

Practice safety on and off the job during the holidays. This busy season is full of “things to do” lists for home and work. Hazardous travel, high expectations, crowded stores, dangerous decorations and holiday parties, combined with higher stress, can result in accidents and injuries.

Monthly Safety Tip: 

Inspect Your Ladder

Check your ladder to ensure the rungs are in good condition and that it has no cracks or broken parts. If the ladder is equipped with a spreader that locks the ladder frame into position, make sure it is secured before you begin to climb. 

Monthly Safety Tip: 

Hazard Recognition

The 3 opportunities to recognize hazards are:

  • Before being exposed to the hazard which is the best time to identify a hazard.
  • During exposure to a potential hazard.
  • After exposure to the hazard (which could be either “Wow! I’m glad I didn’t get hurt” or “I just got hurt”).

Monthly Safety Tip: 

3-Point Rule

No matter what type of access system your vehicle has available, use the 3-Point system to reduce the chance of a slip or fall. The 3-POINT system means 3 of your 4 limbs are in contact with the vehicle at all times – 2 hands and 1 foot or 2 feet and 1 hand.  The 3-Point system allows you to have maximum stability and support, thereby reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling.

Monthly Safety Tip: 

Too Much Heat – What Symptoms?

You don’t have to work in the desert to suffer from too much heat on the job. Even in a moderate climate, many operations on construction sites are hot and uncomfortable. But discomfort isn’t the only problem. If you don’t take the proper precautions, heat can give you a rash, make you pass out, or even kill you. Sometimes you reach your limit, and you just have to know that it’s time to stop.


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